1+1, East Entry:  1 Bedroom with En Suite Bathroom

En Suite means that the bathroom is a part of larger suite, which may contain one

or more rooms and can only be accessed from inside that suite.


This is a One Bedroom with En Suite Bathroom design on one level, without stairs. It has a flexible, open floor plan with the East Entry in the Name & Fame module, cross-ventilation and an unobstructed line of sight from East to West, and North to South.  The primary areas of activity within a Vaastu home are based on the cardinal directions and their corresponding elements which include Ether, Water, Fire, Earth and Air.  The placement of these elements is fixed and cannot be altered.  Please refer to description at right of diagram for more details.


- Starting in the northeast and moving clockwise, the position and activities of the rooms are generally for these purposes but have multi-uses as needed.


- A cupola skylight in the center of the ceiling radiates natural light to every corner of the home, as do plentiful windows and Japanese shoji sliding doors (optional), when left open. 


- Approximate square footage: 1164, based on Revati 1107.

Final square footage will depend on Ayadi Calculation used.








Om Casa 1 + 1: 1 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom Plans

1+1, East Entry: From East Entry looking West 

1+1, East Entry: from South, looking North  

1+1, East Entry: from West, looking East

1+1, East Entry: from North, looking South

1+1, East Entry: Elevation

South Elevation

West Elevation

North Elevation

1+1, East Entry: Axonometric View