Om Casa Floor Plans
   All Vaastu plans include Universal Design & Aging in Place features 
for safety, easy living & total accessibility. 


    Specializing in single - level homes in 3 basic configurations:

     1 bedroom, 1 bathroom     = 1 + 1

   2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms   = 2 + 2

   3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms   = 3 + 3

       Universal Similarities in Vaastu Designs


The placement of rooms are aligned according to the Nine Cardinal Directions

  and the Five Elements which naturally instill Harmony, Tranquility,

     Dynamic Stillness and Compatible Resonance. 

Center ​- ETHER ​                  Brahmastan​

North East - WATER          Meditation / prayer room, library, office, bedroom for elders

East Central -                        Dining, living room, library, office, meeting room, women's room 

South East - FIRE                Kitchen, office (temporary), gym, studio (upper floor)

South Central -                     Sunporch, dining room, living room, library​, bedroom, kitchen

South West - EARTH          Master Bedroom, living room, library, gym

West Central -                       Bedroom, dining room, living room, library, office 

North West - AIR                Den, living room, library, office, guestroom, kids' room, gym

North Central -                     Storage, laundry​, place for valuable items, herbs



Please Note:  There are several stringent Vaastu rules that every design must adhere to, therefore every plan must be approved by a Vaastu Architect/Supervisor to check its accuracy. Exact proportions and measurements are determined with Ayadi Calculations and formulas to ensure that the well-being of the inhabitants experience a high-quality of life in vibrationally-resonant homes, built according to strict Vaastu principles, dimensions and natural law.  The following designs should not be used to build Vaastu homes without approval by a Vaastu Architect; to do so would invite detrimental, life-altering occurrences. Only certified Vaastu experts from the Vaastu Vedic Research Foundation, International Institute of Mayonic Science & Technology and/or The American University of Mayonic Science & Technology are qualified to design, consult and construct Vaastu homes as instructed under the guidance of Dr. V. Ganapati Sthapati's Associates of Chennai, India. 



Om Casa Floor Plans on the following pages are compliant with Vaastu rules. Designs will be completed by a Vaastu Architect with electrical, plumbing, structural supports and customized requirements to suit tastes, needs and budget.  If so desired, suggestions for green materials and interior design elements can be made, offering choices aimed at creating a peaceful, beautiful, low-maintenance, minimalistic environment. Pre-fabrication of homes can also be specified to reduce costs, while maximizing construction quality, integrity and durability. 



Universal Design & Aging in Place features are not inherent in Vaastu Designs. We have chosen to integrate them into our plans with an emphasis on safety, convenience and accessibility for all people regardless of age, size or physical mobility, and because there is a growing need & desire to live comfortably as we age.


Features may include:

-   zero steps

-   elevator

-   stair lifts

-   portable or permanent ramps

-   easy and complete amenities on one level 

-   wide doorways and hallways, 36" - 42" to allow for easy access

​-   improved lighting throughout

-   minimum 60" turning radius in rooms for wheelchair access

-   multi-height kitchen counters

-   moveable counters on casters that lock into place
-   lever handles, tap-touch faucets
-   low thresholds, 1/4" or less to prevent tripping

-   deeper toe kicks

-   grab-bars in showers and/or blocking for eventual installation

-   comfort-height toilets

-   roll-under sinks

-   barrier-free showers & bathtubs with non-slip surfaces

-   package shelf at entrances for groceries, loose items

-   space saving furniture solutions 

-   remote control maintenance for HVAC, entrances, windows, etc.

-   and more. . . 

“Love begins at home, and it is not how much we do...

but how much love we put in that action.”


– Mother Teresa