Positive Effects of the MAIN DOOR, the highway to the Soul. . .


​Correct placement of the Main Front Door creates a positive effect in the house and influences the psychology of the inhabitants as they pass through the door daily. There are 9 Main Entrance locations, but only one is selected after the Ayadi Calculations have been clearly determined. 




     EAST     ​​​​​ ​​​​​​

1.  Victory     

   ​2.  Name & Fame ​


   SOUTH    ​

3.  Growth of Wealth​

4.  Development of all Activities​



               5.  Abundance​                 

6.  High Qualities​



         7.  Quick attainment of Spiritual Goals​            

8.  Greatness Multiplies​

9.   Realizing the Benefits of Daily Prayers​


"No other primary entry locations are accepted as auspicious for the Vaastu structure; other locations on the Vastu Purusha Mandala grid are not recommended as the energy is too intense for positive results."   

- Michael Borden, Vastu Architect and author of Vastu Architecture