What is Vaastu?  

The ancient Vaastu Shastra texts from India are more than 10,000 years old and are the basis of Yoga, Meditation, Ayurvedic Medicine, Jyotish Astrology, Vaastu Architecture and several other restorative disciplines. The Shastras contain the primary science of how unmanifest energy (Vastu) transforms into manifest form (Vaastu).


Vaastu Architecture is based on the subtle energy field that is the foundation of everything in our diverse manifest world. When planning the location of a Vaastu structure, the exact placement of the site to the earth’s grid and the North Star, combined with exact mathematical measurements, causes a unified alignment with the earth and cosmic space, resulting in the generation of positive energies. Therefore, when space is built using precise calculations that match our personal vibration, our human energy field resonates with the positive energies generated by the building, allowing us to savor the experience of Harmony, Tranquility, Vitality, Peace of Mind, Abundance and Spiritual Bliss. The Vaastu effect is completely dependent on these proven, scientific dimensions.

Mayonic Science & Technology is the technical name given to this ancient, authentic Vaastu science and is presumed to be one of the world’s oldest forms of architecture. It is named after Mamuni Mayan, the originator of this profound science who migrated north from the Kumari continent, south of India before it was submerged. As a great scientist, mathematician, artist and architect, Mayan also had the clarity of perception to cognize the inner dynamics of nature. It was discovered by Dr. V. Ganapati Sthapati of Chennai, India, that Mayan’s mathematical formulas were used to construct the Great Pyramids, Macchu Pichu, Chichen Itza, Tulum, Zangkunchong Pyramids and thousands of temples in India and countless sites, globally.

As we move forward, it is becoming clearer, how necessary it is to live in harmony with nature for the sake of our own survival.  Imagine for a moment what it feels like when you are immersed in the beauty and restorative, enlivening energy of the woods, the ocean or the great outdoors? Living and being in a Vaastu can feel like being in nature, yet sheltered with all the comforts of home.

This ancient wisdom is ours to access - to build modern structures using Vaastu principles to uplift the quality of life for humanity. Continuing to build on random orientation with casual dimensions and toxic materials will perpetuate poverty, disease and social unrest. Mayonic Science & Technology is an alternative form of architecture designed to meticulously and vibrantly reform the way people live

and feel, one Vaastu dwelling at a time.

"When inner space and outer space resonate together in harmony, then peacefulness, vitality, health, prosperity and dynamic, ecstatic creativity become the natural order and effortless experience."

​- Brahmarishi Mayan, circa 10,500 BC.

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