A Vaastu home requires 3 KEY POINTS to begin the planning process.

           This is a general overview; an in-depth discussion of stringent points is necessary before proper land can be purchased.

​1. Site Selection

Every inch of a Vaastu home including the ground it is built on, is sacred.  The ideal plot for human and Divine habitation must contain positive energies in order to create well being from the ground up.  It all begins here, the building of a living, vibrant organism that sustains its inhabitants over time.  


​Invest in an accurate compass. Start by observing the topography of the land. Essentially, the land should be higher in the West or South sides for material comfort and abundance.  A body of water is best located in the North East, ruled by the water element.

2. Orientation


For the benefits of Vaastu to become activated, the building must be in precise alignment to Polaris, the North Star, not magnetic North. This exact positioning on the Earth's grid allows solar energy to directly enter the home without any obstruction as the sun moves across the sky from east to west.  A slight deflection of 1.5 degrees to the east or west, depending on a north or east-facing main door, increases the material wellbeing of the inhabitants while supporting spiritual bliss. Orientation on a square or rectangular plot is recommended as these are the most complete geometric forms that can be rectified out of any irregularly shaped plots. ​

3. Quality of Land & Soil


To determine the quality of land, there are a number of tests that are performed.  Type of land, fertility of soil, underground water and depth flowing with the motion of the earth, gasses, quality of vegetation, smell, taste, sound, feel, look and the ambiance of the land, are all considered.  These intrinsic qualities further inspire positive energies to radiate from above and below the earth's surface. The selection of a site surrounded by a healthy environment of physical and spiritual nature is a key feature of Vaastu Technology. 

"Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished."   - Lao Tzu