Imagine it! 

Om Casa Vaastu Homes naturally support Wellbeing



  •      contain positive vibrations that match one's own personal frequency
  •      harmonious to the earth's grid for serenity & peace of mind
  •      built with non-toxic, eco-friendly, green materials
  •      featuring Universal Design & Aging in Place for comfort, safety & accessibility
  •      smaller footprint on one level for easy living, less maintenance
  •      high ceilings & skylights allow an abundance of natural light
  •      energy-efficient appliances, windows, doors
  •      open concept designs in 3 basic plans: 1+1,  2+2,  3 bdrm + 2.5 baths
  •      simple, minimal, modern designs
  •      beautifully appointed, rich interiors with durable, modern amenities 
  •      Italian innovation furnishings focus on saving space in smaller homes
  •      personalized to suit one's tastes, needs & budget
  •      pre-fabrication construction may reduce costs without sacrificing quality
  •      and more. . .

"Imagination is more important than knowledge." Albert Einstein  ​