Om Casa Vaastu homes are Vibrant & Healthy in 3 ways:

1.   Vaastu Architecture is based on the subtle energy field that is the foundation of everything in our diverse manifest world. When planning the location of a Vaastu structure, the exact placement of the site to the earth’s grid and Polaris North Star, combined with exact mathematical measurements, causes a unified alignment with the earth and cosmic space, resulting in the generation of positive energies. Therefore, when space is built using precise calculations that match our personal vibration, our human energy field resonates with the positive energies generated by the building, allowing us to savor the experience of Harmony, Tranquility, Vitality, Peace of Mind, Abundance and Spiritual Bliss. The Vaastu effect is completely dependent on these proven, scientific dimensions.

2.    Universal Design and Aging-in-Place are terms used interchangeably. Om Casa integrates accessories and interior features for those wishing to stay at home for as long as possible, adding ease, comfort and long-term livability regardless of age, size or physical mobility.  Every aspect of a home from lighting to layout is influenced when a residence is built with these considerations in mind.

As more people simplify and downsize their environment, our focus is on designing smaller, single-level, detached homes that are step-free, easy to maneuver, energy efficient and require less maintenance.

3.   Om Casa homes are scientifically designed and meticulously crafted with eco-friendly, sustainable materials.  Modern technology enhances the quality of the house, built to support our body, mind and spirit over several generations.

As the green building movement gains momentum, so does the consumer demand for greener properties.  Two-thirds of consumers are paying attention to green homes and buildings; they recognize the link between green properties, cost savings and healthy living. ​



​"There is nothing more important than a good, safe, secure home."  -  Rosalynn Carter